All pets benefit from regular grooming services. Some breeds require haircuts. All breeds need regular baths, nail trims, ear cleaning, and excess hair removal from the paw pads. Sometimes a sanitary path needs to be created for cleanliness. Some pets have unusually dry skin that requires deep conditioning. The following explains the criteria for each service: 


Regular bath

 Improves the pet's physical comfort by removing dirt, excess oil, dead skin and shedding hair, parasites (fleas, ticks), and the resulting bad pet odors. 


Nail trim

 Prevents a painful condition whereas the nerve and blood supply extends into long, overgrown nails. Also prevents damage to carpets and hardwood floors, and eventual foot crippling. 


Ear cleaning

 Discourages growth of parasites (ear mites) and bacterial growth which can lead to painful infections. 


Shave paw pads

 Removes hair where mats, burs, ice and other foreign objects can become lodged. 


Coat Conditioner

 It is required when allergic reactions, seasonal changes, age and/or other physical conditions cause the pet's skin to become overly sensitive and dry. Pets scratch dry skin which can lead to secondary infections. 


 A professional pet groomer is trained to recognize the early signs of physical problems. Through the grooming process a pet is thoroughly cleaned and examined. Any abnormalities are noted and reported to the pet owner. 


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